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The history of Cleythil Hotel

The current Cleythil Hotel is the contemporary décor that has arisen from the 12th century in the historical proosdij Meetjesland ‘ Papingheloo ‘ called, located in the heart of Maldegem Veld. Ancient remains such as the arch cellar in the hotel, the old church access in the current House and the round pillars at the entrance recall the past of this protected monument by the Flemish Government.

Cleythil Hotel is located in Maldegem, on top of a hill in the medieval Flanders ‘Cleythil’ that was named to the heavy clay from which the Hill is composed.  The original settlement in the 9th century on this Hill was founded by the Franks that fled from France that were named “lieden van Papo”, from which the name ‘Papinglo’. Until the end of the 15th century Papinglo was a typical religious settlement. In the 12th century it was even a religious centre and was Papinglo described as a real proosdij belonging to the St. Bavo’s Abbey. From the 16th until the mid-18th century the domain was transformed into a farm. In 1756 the farm, as it now still exists, in the historic Meetjesland was pulled up and was the exploitation of wood and peat with success.

 From the spacious and quiet rooms, you can enjoy a panoramic view over the fields, and forests in the vicinity of the hotel.